Insights into my breeding. On this page we would like to give you an insight into our beekeeping. Queen breeding is arguably the beekeeper’s highest discipline. Nevertheless, it does not have to take place in secret. It is important to me that you know how I work. Learn more about working with bees and the time-consuming breeding and selection work.

About me. Both beekeeping and breeding have a long tradition in my family. My great-grandfather and grandfather made a name for themselves in cattle breeding. And my great-grandfather’s farm used to have an apiary. But beekeeping was not pursued any further. Today I see that as a godsend. Because only in this way was it possible that I came to Buckfast bees and Dadant hives from the beginning of my beekeeping career. This saved me a few detours.


There is no reason not to! The Buckfast bee combines many good qualities, such as robustness, swarm indolence, gentleness, eagerness to collect, honeycomb continuity and easy colony management. She is a bee for professional and hobby beekeepers alike. Nevertheless, it is frowned upon in many places and not welcomed at all. But in my opinion that is often based on hearsay. The Buckfast bee has ( here scientifically proven) no negative impact on the existing population. It just gets a little “more colorful”.

Shop - Here you can find real Buckfast queens

Here you can order registered queens (GdeB – community of European Buckfast beekeepers). I have committed myself to the quality criteria Breeding Regulations to be observed. For all queens you get breeding cards with mating and pedigree certificates. With the Buckfast shop I would like to offer you an easy way to order your queens of your choice online.

Virgin Buckfast queens from breeders that have been selected and tested for many years. Let yourself be inspired by gentleness, folk strength, the lowest swarm instinct, very hygienic and resistance to disease and high honey yield.

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The random mated F1-queens are mated at my mating station. They will be signed and sent with the pedigree from the breeder.

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Breeding queens from the mating stations Lautenthal, Südharz or Stolberg. Each queen comes with a breeding card (Pedigree).

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The queens are inseminated by Matthias Engel. They will be shipped from the beginning of July.

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